weird idea 

"All great art is created in response to the restriction of the art form"

Alright, so I'm going with this idea. What about an Android app where you make a blog or post images or whatever. It all goes to a server and hosted on the WWW as regular content.

But you only get 1MB (maybe even 500KB) of space and the user's goal is to make the most of that space.

The thing that I found nice is that it's not meant to be forever. You can't live forever on 1MB of space. You take a few nice pictures, and put a poem under them and that's it.

weird idea 

And I say Android app because I wouldn't mind having like, a built-in browser for the tiny sites, just to make it feel a bit cozier. A comment/like system would be cool, but I think that would be too much work for me.

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re: weird idea 

@MutoShack you just reinvented

re: weird idea 


Neocities is excellent, but I'm thinking more across the lines of... Okay there's a website called the "10kb challenge" or something, where people have to make an image file that's smaller than 10kb. Kind of like that but more general purpose.

Neocities is too free to feel restricting. But yes, kind of like neocities in a handful of ways.

not necessarily weird; sounds sensible.

restrictions and limitations create more than just great art too. Arguably this is a key part of evolution and diversity of all life

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