Early this year (maybe last year) I purchased some storage for newsgroups. It was fun and I browsed old threads and saw all the pseudo intellectuals arguing. It was a cool experience. I thought it was neat!

Then after like an hour I got this wave of depression, and it lasted for like, weeks! It was connected to using the newsgroups but I don't know why. My brain was just like "Ok this is bad now. You feel bad now."

It was one of those random things where like, the air is dirtier, the light is heavier, and life was just... Worse.

It was like (and sorry for not having a better description)... A *really long* version of post-nut clarity.

Just one of those really weird, completely explainable things.



that doesn't sound fun 😯

as for me, I miss newsgroups

I had a marvelous clint that showed the threads as trees, graphicallly

I'm attaching a few pictures so you get a glimpse of that



as for your mood, I'm sorry the newsgroups had this effect on you

I miss them

They were fun

the interactions were saner, the contents were more dense

I still didn't know what software freedom was and the web 2.0 wasn't a thing yet (no facebook, twitter, youtube, reddit, hackernews)

or maybe I just was younger



I'm in the same boat as you, I think usenet is pretty awesome. It works, it makes sense, it's fun. Also Macsoup looks so cool!

I think nowadays it's just too dead to be useful, which is sad. Just about every channel has like 2 or 3 angry guys fighting in it. It's just weird now.

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