I don't know the lyrics to most of the music I listen to, but I know the lyrics to every Jukebox the Ghost song.

I think maybe I have a slight imbalance in my listening habits.

@MutoShack Ok, big shock, the old guy hasn't even heard of them en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jukebox_
What do you recommend I listen to of theirs muto?


Well they're not so well known. I have a hard time listening to top-40 stuff, anyway!

I personally enjoy slower stuff like "The Spiritual"

"Half Crazy" is more fun and upbeat.

And lastly, "Getting Older". One of my favorites that they recently recorded in the studio



There are a whole bunch of great live recordings from 2004 that are harder to come across online, so I can't link them, but

"Hopelessly Forgotten"
"I Picked You Up"
"His Good Side"

Are also among my favorites. It's a shame they never re-released them.

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