Clouds all morning, clouds all evening.

Now that I'm finally in the mood to take pictures, the weather does this to me.

@MutoShack I wouldn't mind if you sent some over here. It's supposed to be over 30 again today.


Earlier this week it got pretty hot, too. A lightning storm even broke the AC's capacitor (because you know, Murphy's law)

Still better than winter, at least!

@MutoShack I prefer winter! Easier for me to warm up than cool down. No one has AC here. Well, very, very few.


I usually prefer winter, but for some reason I felt like I was dying all throughout last winter!

That lack of sun really takes its toll on me, I guess.

AC is nice. We lived without it for a long time, so we went window shopping more often cause the mall was cooled!

@MutoShack Most ppl I know take D3 pills during the winter. It's dark. Not much daylight.

@MutoShack I wouldn't say I actually prefer winter over summer. Some summer days are good. I just prefer a lower range of temperatures. Spring and Autumn work pretty good ;-)
But warmish winter days of like -1 to -5 with no wind and clear blue skies are glorious!

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