It's possible that the command prompt is just as efficient as 'sh', and I simply don't know how to use it properly.

... Right? I mean, it can't possibly be as bad as I think it is. That would be ridiculous!

Long, uninformed. 

By 'sh' I mean pretty much any Unixy shell (Bash, ksh, fish, zsh, scsh, csh, whatever)

To be fair, I barely ever use CMD (which is what I'll call the Windows Command Prompt, cause I don't know of any other abbreviated name).

Like as a first impression, I thought it was weird how you can't launch a program by typing in the name of the program you want to launch (ie 'firefox')

I heard good things about PowerShell, but I never used it. Is it like, a better CMD? It would be nice if that was like, the default terminal.

I'm talking about something I have literally 0 experience in, so I'll stop anyway.

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re: Long, uninformed. 

@MutoShack PowerShell and CMD are both awful, in different ways.

WSL is the best terminal on Windows.

re: Long, uninformed. 

@MutoShack (CMD is underpowered and PowerShell has asinine command names and configuration options)

re: Long, uninformed. 

@mewmew @MutoShack A long time ago, there were third party shells that wrapped around CMD and made it usable/somewhat Unixy (4NT, Hamilton csh, etc.) but I'm not sure if any of them are still around and easily accessible or if a FOSS one has been developed since the source to CMD was released a year or two back

re: Long, uninformed. 

@mewmew @MutoShack Maybe UWIN has something in this direction, I haven't checked. I know Inferno also allows shelling out to the OS for shell commands in it's own shell, but that's maybe a bit esoteric for what you're asking

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@icedquinn @MutoShack @mewmew Oh yeah, doesn't mingw implement bash and the like? You may want to consider that depending on what you're trying to do

re: Long, uninformed. 

@allison @MutoShack @mewmew some kind of bash shell does run on mingw. and rc if you run plan9ports. although building plan9ports on mingw seems to be broken on my machine :blobcattilt:

re: Long, uninformed. 

@allison @MutoShack @mewmew
> install this unix emulator so you can
> install this plan 9 emulator so you can
keep track of visions in your eyes :blobcatcool:

(this build system is cursed.)

Long, uninformed. 

you can pretend a tricycle is a 10 speed. They share some similarities, but, in the end... It's still a tricycle.

@MutoShack No, it's just CP/M with extra commands. PowersHell is better, but very verbose.

I mean, no, it is actually awful, but there is actually also things to learn about it.

For example, if you right-click into the CMD while a process is running, that stops the output from scrolling (and I think even pauses the execution of the process). You have to left-click into the window for it to continue functioning, which is a totally obvious and clearly understandable way for a UI to work and totally did not cost me 10 minutes of troubleshooting.


That's really weird and I probably never would figure that out! Of course, "Ctrl+s" on some Unix terminals will freeze them up, and you can't see output until hitting "Ctrl+q", so that got me pretty frustrated until I finally looked it up.

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