Coloured output is nice sometimes, and I just noticed supports \x1B hex ANSI colour escape sequences (or whatever it's called), so that's nice!



You can change the colour with something like:
(display "\x1B[93m Hello!")

The \x1B says "I'm going to pick a color"

The [93m is the colour code. The space afterwards isn't necessary, it's just for readability (the space will show up in the output)

From 90 to 97 are the main 8 colours I like.

There are also styles. for example:
[1m is bold,
[5m makes the text blink.

1 to 7 do different styles.

There's a list of ANSI codes on Wikipedia, but I found it hard to follow.

Oh yeah, (display "\x1B[m")

will reset the text back to default. (that's [m with no numbers)


I have no idea how portable it is on other systems, though.


I guess it depends on the standard implemented by the terminal


I tend to just throw numbers around when I feel like enough code has been changed.

I mean, it's *about* 5x better than the initial release (especially now, with coloured output)!

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