Man, the *original* studio recording of this song is awesome.

"Beady Eyes on the Horizon"

I'm uploading directly because it's not online anywhere to listen. Some guy had it on a Google Drive page though.

I converted it to a smaller filesize cause I don't want to bog up my instance's storage, but it should still be good for listening.

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Yeah, they have that same kind of piano power pop style.

Their newer stuff is over-produced radio tunes, but I blame the new producer!


it's pleasurable

too bad I can't make up the words, as they're too tight

But I like it, yeah

Also, I didn't know that audio files could be uploaded to the fediverse 👀


ah !

I kjust realized that I understood

"this is not a test, this is the real thing"


It's not you, even I have a hard time making out lyrics, especially with these faster songs.

The lyrics are at:

I think audio is only supported on Glitch (the fork of Mastodon is running right now), but maybe it's part of regular Mastodon now, I don't know!

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