Maybe it's Guile 3.0, but it looks like Haunt can't parse Skribe documents anymore.

It's okay, I'll fix everything later. It should be fine.


I suppose the Skribe machinery needs to be updated to work with Guile 3.x

Should I ever revive my blog I'll ONLY use plain scheme code, I won't fall in this trap anymore


While experimenting with SXML I wrote my own website generator that works pretty well (it only reads sxml, nothing else).

With a few extra abstractions it could easily be usable by other people. I'm thinking about migrating my website to it. If I ever get it cleaned up properly I'll put it on my Gitlab.

Maybe I'll call it "Spook" ;-)


Spook in reference to Haunt. Haunt's logo is a ghost, and ghosts are haunting, but also spooky.

My generator isn't based on Haunt's source code, but Haunt was a strong inspiration.

If I don't think of a better name, that is!

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