My eyes are fine, but I like to enlarge all my fonts by like 3pts

I can read the default font, but BIG CLEAR TEXT is super nice and I'm pretty sure people who see my computer screen think I'm far-sighted or something.


You can read small text now

When you get in your 30ies you start seeing less and less

In your 40ies it'll be egregious


I don't know why text is so small by default.

My brother was telling me that, in typography courses, they actually *teach* students to make text really small, in order to make the image / artwork more focused.

In our house there's a big TV, and there are some video games where the text is so small I actually need to get up and go closer to the screen, even with my glasses on!

But I like to complain, so at least it gives me something to complain about!

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