@MutoShack oh look .. .control is in the right place. That's a nice looking keyboard.


@MutoShack @djsumdog @sir_tronics

> There are some obscurities though, like how double quote is on 2, and the parenthesis a key too far left (it makes emulating the system a bit of a pain)

Nothing obscure about it, just a normal European layout.


Whoa, hey, you're right! Sorry, I don't go to Europe too often, so I didn't know that! Thanks.

@MutoShack Curiously enough, the the European layout on the number keys is reflected in ASCII, apart from the slash.

Number keys shifted: !"#$%&/()
ASCII 0x20--0x29: !"#$%&'()

Makes it easy for Europeans to remember how to escape () as %28%29 when we have to escape a URL to please some picky URL parser. 😀
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