wants to "Upcycle Windows 7" (i.e. petition Microsoft to free the system after the end-of-support roles in).

I'm nearly 100% sure MS will do nothing, but it's still fun to sign stuff.

@MutoShack If you use their 2015 installer, it is free. I did it last Sunday for my elderly mother-in-law


I did not know that. That's really good news, actually, but I mean free as in open source.

@MutoShack Why wouldn't FSF throw it's weight behind an already extent, unencumbered project like ReactOS? Funny priorities.


That's what I'm thinking, too. ReactOS and Wine could always use some help. I don't think I'd use Windows 7 even if it were open.

@MutoShack What does Windows 7 do that a (theoretically updated) ReactOS wouldn't? This video shows how to run modern apps on Windows 2000... if that works, then I can't imagine how ReactOS can't be brought up to date...

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