Legitimately thinking about ordering a hundred or so blank audio cassettes with custom J-cards, filling them with songs from the best Musicians here, and selling them as the .

I'd be lucky to break even, but it'd still be fun.


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aren't you too young to fiddle with audio cassettes ? 🤔

How didi you come to like them ? 👀


>aren't you too young to fiddle with audio cassettes?

Kind of, I was around to see the death of cassettes at least.

My family had cassettes when I was growing up, so my siblings and I would play or record songs on them. When cassettes and VHS started to die out, they were usually cheap, which was good!

I do still like analog audio, though. When everything's digital, it's all made of the same stuff, but vinyl/cassettes are very unique, distinguished formats.


That is to say, the mere fact that the format has nothing to do with computers is refreshing in a world where nearly everything is digital!

Maybe I'm just a hipster 😅


maybe you re bit, yes 😁

that' s good though

I have a few fond memories with cassettes 😁

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