It's weird that
Luxe is short for luxurious, and Distro is short for distribution.

I *still* instinctively write "distrobution" and "luxerious" based on the shorthand versions now & then.

@MutoShack at first I was trying to figure out what combo of distro and luxe was relevant

Luxe is a word in its own right, not a shortening of luxurious. It's a loanword from French, meaning "luxury" ... The English word deluxe comes from the French phrase "de luxe" (luxurious).

Because English is weird and likes to reborrow words it already has. All of the above eventually come from the latin "luxus".

@tfb @MutoShack

as a side note, in Italian there's "di lusso" that translates literally to the French "de luxe"

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