My website is back up, along with an article on the password manager.

I really just wanted to rant about how popular online password managers are.

" is protected by Imunify360"

yeah could you not block tor users from your site


I don't add such bull to my site if it's not forced upon me. This "feature" is probably created by the cheap Indian server host I deal with. It's out of my control, sorry.

@MutoShack rip

once i sober up i may or may not have suggestions for alternate hosting. is your site just static or do you use some sort of framework?


Oh it's static, and hosting suggestions are always welcome!

I really only use my current provider because it's like $5 a year, so I'm trying to deal with the bloatware until I get a steady paying job.

I've noticed that sometimes I need to enter a Google Captcha to visit my own site via ToR, and it's frustrating to have to turn on JS every time!

Ah, I'm just ranting now, sorry. Thanks for understanding though!


I'm out of the loop on two things:
1) What's wew mean? 😅

2) Is something up with Tor? I haven't been following the status of the project lately.


Right! I used to know someone who would spell it like that and I just figured it was correct.
I've been trying to kick the habit, but it still frustratingly feels natural to spell it as "ToR" and I hate it!

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