Conspiracy (joke):

Every clothing company is actually a subsidiary of TJX and they pretend to be very high end to make you think you're getting a good price at Marshalls.

@MutoShack I don't know what either one of those outfits is muto. I guess we don't have them here.
Say, I'm going to check out cev on anonradio as a prelude to going to bed. I'm about to shell in there. Maybe I'll see you in com mode.


TJX is just the parent of Winners & Marshalls (B-grade clothes stores for cheapskates like me).

I think I'll just head to bed today. I might be in com tomorrow, but ever since the time change I've just been feeling out of it!

@MutoShack Ah. We do have a Winners.
My third favourite store. Buy from it every couple of years. Maybe.
First two are thrift shops :-)
Check out cev from the archives. It's really smooth.

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