CIRA has a new marketing stunt that is... I admit... Kind of funny.

Actually, cc @gemlog

it was good to see you on anonradio! I need to log on more often. There's always something interesting going on!

@MutoShack Hi muto - I was surprised to see you there! :-) I follow you, so I saw the cira thing the first time ;-)
First thing from them that didn't put me to sleep quite frankly. Have you ever read any proceedings? Oh. My. Goodness. CIRA is so boring.
I try hard to catch the wasabi on all 4 nights and that hour usually passes extremely quickly in com and irc.
Sometime I learn things, sometimes it's just fun, but I always enjoy it.
Shufei has a knack for turning com into a right zoo! :-)

I always wonder why does canvas fingerprinting. And why it has google scripts.
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