Very important news:

I can't tell if there's a bug flying around my room or if it's just an eye floater.

@MutoShack I thought I saw a spider just now but can't find anything shining a light around, so I guess it was a reflection or mild hallucinations.


That's always annoying! If you see the spider again, you know it's there. But if you don't see it, you'll never know if there really was a spider or if it's your mind playing tricks on you!


"He lay now at the foot of a tall slope; he could discern individual vines, thorns, and flitting birds in the foreground, but then they washed into a brown and purple cloud. In the cruel blue sky at the top, sooty little creatures drifted slowly, more than he had ever noticed before. A follower of Sleithreethra would say those were the malign entities that constantly besiege us, but a physician had told him they were imperfections normal to aging eyes."

--The Return of Liron Wolfbaiter, Brian McNaughton


Thank you for sharing this. It's really cute!

The last bit reminds me of the saying:
"Of course we don't believe in leprechauns. We just know they're there."

There's a particular whistful, dreamlike state humans live in, just between denial and make-believe. We're scientists. We don't believe in magic, but we all know it's there.

potential spoilers for "The Retun of Liron Wolfbaiter" 

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