How about "Collector's edition" box sets for Free Software projects?

For instance: 1.0.

You spend $70. You get a nice box containing the distro CD/USB, a keychain, a poster, a wristband, and a book (either a print of the manual or a detailed history of the distro).

The CD/USB can also contain a cute little TXT file congratulating the buyer ("You are one of the lucky 500 bla bla bla...")

@MutoShack I think physical merch is a great fundraising tactic.


I can only speak first-hand. I'm a total sucker for this kind of thing. I had a really hard time trying to convince myself that "I *don't* need to spend $300 on the DJMAX box set!"
(I'm proud of myself for not buying it)

Like @recj said, I don't know how many people would really be interested. I can only say that if the FSF sold something like this in their store, I'd be all over it!:

@MutoShack @recj the FSF should sell the free software song on a 7 inch vinyl record

@MutoShack sounds like a cute idea and I think it could work, especially if including the printed book. But sometimes I wonder how many people would really be interested...

OpenBSD recently stopped doing this because the expense wasn't worth it. People bought it, but didn't want to buy it at a rate that justified the production costs.

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