is weird.

Still figuring out the codebase, but I'm simultaneously learning Python since I don't know any Python at all.

So far I'm still not a fan.

@MutoShack Python is ok and quite fun, but like Lars says it's probably not well suited for large programs.


It's okay, but I feel like I chose a bad time to learn the language, since many guides & programs are kind of in a limbo between Python 2.7 & 3.

It's definitely been fun, though!

@MutoShack Right. Don't bother with 2.7. It won't be around much longer.

So I'd say Lars is wrong. Many huge programs are written in Python: Zope, Plone, odoo, Tryton, Dropbox, reddit, to name just a few.

@MutoShack Really?
I was kicking myself for avoiding python for a few years simply over the white space as syntax thing. It's like pseudo-code or even descriptive speech in a way.
On the other hand, I can''t get my head around liking guile, lisp et alia and you yum those up, so...


Looks weird, but I won't make any judgements until I can get my hands dirty in it!

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