I really wish got as much love as

I have nothing crazy to say *about* . I just want to mention it, & that it's a cool idea.

Thanks, BT Templeton 👍


It's disregarded because, as far as I understand, migrating the software from elisp to guile would be daunting


I thought they weren't modifying the code itself, but running it under an Elisp compiler made in Guile. This caused a bunch of performance issues, though.

Of course, I'm unfamiliar with the project or development behind it, so I don't really know how it works.


AFAIK it isn't. The latest update is from 2015 and I have no idea what Robin is up to these days.

@MutoShack yeah i guess the biggest problem would be to support all the existing elisp code out there
@MutoShack Have they found a way to fix the dynamic scoping issues yet?
@eal @MutoShack isn't it just a matter of evaluating (make-fluid). It doesn't seem very difficult.
@wictory @MutoShack The performance regressions caused by it are the problem.
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