According to , it's ergonomically efficient to tilt your wrists *upward*!

I may not be an expert in ergonomics, but I strongly disagree with Asus. Upward-tilting keyboards are so the typist can see button labels, but they *DO* put strain on your wrists. Does anyone else have an opinion on this?

Screenshot taken from:

@MutoShack Anything that tries to move my wrists from the neutral, relaxed position is a non-starter.

@MutoShack it would largely depend on the height of the surface your keyboard is on relative to your arms/elbows.

Whatever results in a neutral wrist position is probably best.

@MutoShack Upward tilting is everything but ergonomic. In that position "circulation is reduced, which can lead to pain, fatigue, and even numbness" (from, and Kinesis know a bit about #ergonomics) is another good source.

IOW, #ASUS is promoting a misfeature as an ergonomic trait, and are full of bullshit.

@MutoShack all of my coworkers do this and I have no idea why

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