guix package -u has been running all night & day.

Every few hours it prints the
"Updating substitutes from" and, for some reason, seems to be eating up hard disk space (like, more than an update should).

If it's still running tomorrow morning I'll Ctrl-C it.

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@MutoShack Do you have as one of your substitutes? I thought this was the recommended substitute server.


I don't! Back when I installed Guix, I followed the instructions which told me to use the hydra server, but you're right! The manual now wants us to go with the ci server.

I'll update my substitutes list tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up!


I had no idea either.

Should one of the updates change the guix binary to check for that and recommend changing it?

@keverets @MutoShack I don't remember whether or not this is automatic. But you can add multiple substitute servers.

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