I generally see my microblog posts to be pretty normal, but my mother asks me about the things I say on here in a very concerned way.
Hi mom. This list is pinned for you to help get rid of some confusion

* GNU is not a drug

* I cannot download drugs

* I am not suicidal, it is just part of the joke.

* I am grammatically incorrect, not mentally ill.

* I am not part of a gang.

* The flashing button that says "Fix my computer" is NOT to be pressed.

* I may not always show it, but I love you.

Oh yeah, I change my underwear often, I am not depressed, and I am not going to get a haircut!

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Wait, wait?!?!?! This ISN'T a gang???!?!?!?! But what about the initiation?


Oh I thought that was the *cult* initiation!

"I am not part of a gang…
It's actually a cult…
Whatever. Never mind."

@MutoShack That's a platform I will vote for. God bless you sir, and best of luck in the primaries!


@MutoShack Just as a friendly heads-up: Suicide jokes stop being funny the moment one of your friends kills themself. But you will continue to tell them for a while out of habit, making you feel sick immediately afterwards every time.



A few people I know have committed suicide, but only friends-of-friends, really. Definitely enough to make those jokes not as funny anymore! 😅

The truth is that programming can be very alienating. I use it to abstract myself a little from everyday life. Mothers are almost always right.

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