The average vehicle can hold 4 people. This would be the space required to move 48 people who are all going to different places, but lots of people car pool, and I know I'm taking the word "required" too literally here, but this image should look like this.

I completely agree with the notion that riding your bike to work is environmentally friendly, of course!

"In the US, car occupancy, is near of 1.7 people per car,[21] (against around 1.5 occupant(s) by car in EU[22])."

Let's say there are roughly 67 people on that image, they would use 40 #cars in the US and 45 cars in the EU.

Not 12 like you drew in your picture...

I don't think that saying how many passengers could these cars move isn't helpful at all.


Then "required" is *definitely* not needed in this meme, since it is talking about averages.

I make the same kind of mistakes with my English, because English sucks, but thanks for the clarification. I understand it better now!

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