I finally figured out how to properly run . Now I can use my main machine from the comfort of my bed.

Yes, you read that right, until today I didn't actively use SSH.

@MutoShack WHAT??!!

You sick bastard!

I can't believe I've been befriending you all this time and you are a crypto-traitor!



😅 I feel like one of those grade 11 students you were mentioning - too lazy to learn anything!

I'm getting out of there, though. Slowly 👍

@MutoShack I was starry eyed about the whole idea. Very naive.
I thought I would shovel them information and they would gratefully rx it like when I was in school helping my fellow students.
phfff! What a joke! No.
It was a miserable experience. I really value highschool teachers a lot more since then.


Neither! I mean I've used SSH to connect to my remote web host server, and I've used telnet to play LambdaMOO, but I never really used them regularly for work.

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