Been trying to figure out how to use some of 's filters.
I implemented the logo into some of my old and uploaded them to a repository at:

It's crazy how accessible GIMP makes these features!

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(Sorry. This is the second time I had to post this status. The first time I tried from my laptop and all the pictures uploaded as white nothingness.)

@MutoShack The road-sign sign is cute -- I can almost see the logo re-rendered in the fat-arrow style favoured by highway departments worldwide.

The problem is the HURD logo. While descriptive, it sucks. Maybe yank out inkscape and see if you can submit a patch to make the HURD logo stop raping eyeballs.

Absolutely! As much as I'd like to say "The logo has grown on me", I just can't.

I'm no designer, but if I ever figure out how is supposed to be used, I'll give it a shot.

@MutoShack If that logo grows on you, see a cancer specialist.

Inkscape is (imho) mostly an improvement on Illustrator. It's vector graphics, so... not a paint program. There are tutorials a-gogo, this one looks reasonable. You should totally learn it -- especially if you create web graphics: SVG is usually extremely space efficient, and scales perfectly.

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