My replies to threads in mailing lists don't show up on the thread index!

What's the "proper" way to reply to a mailing list so that everyone can see it?

Pressing the "Reply to..." button in Icecat doesn't work, neither does directly replying to the email in my inbox.

I feel like I'm not getting something, and when I *do* reply, I can never tell if they got the mail!

@MutoShack E-mail is famous for it's lack of reception notifications. The message may be bounced back to you, in case of a problem, if you get lucky.
Also, the clients may or may not send it, depending of a billion factors, despite the same overall appearance "oh, something went wrong, I'll better just leave it in Drafts"…

In short, use the official GMail app…


@MutoShack And, if seriously, something is probably misconfigured; and this is not necessarily your setup, but the mailing list. Maybe it's spam filter or something, there's myriad of possible reasons.


Yeah, that sounds about right... Thanks for the detailed reply, by the way!

I'll probably just reply as I normally do again. The problem is I can never really tell if my message never went through, or if the recipient is just ignoring me because I ask the dumbest questions 😅

@MutoShack That's one of the main reasons why and are so much more popular: mailing lists aren't simply any appealing for anyone who haven't spent decades learning to use them.

Content in the forges is post-moderated, and there is no need to set up any filters for pre-moderation. While in MLs, nothing is stored on a central server, so either everybody has to filter the content in their clients and mailboxes, or the mailing list admin has to do something about it, and it's ugly.

@MutoShack Use Reply to all, not regular Reply. Chances are that there's an extra email address that's in charge of copying your reply to the index.

Some mailing lists did away with this gotcha and instead put that special address into the Cc field, that way both Reply and Reply to all will work.

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