I don't have access to make git commits to the Hurd's repo, so I'm kind of just doing my own thing, but for the past little while I've been trying to think of ways to make the 's more readable (which is hard because I'm obviously not a web UX designer)

I came up with this stylesheet, and, although most of it is personal fluff, there's a lot here to make the site much cleaner & readable, without adding to the CPU load, of course.

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Not having commit access is the normal state of things, only those who contribute a lot and often actually need that.
If you want to propose a changes, either open an issue / bug, or send a patch, or better both (because a patch has to fix an issue).
Make sure it is solid though, because you'll be asked about each particular change: why, and why this way.


Thanks. There's a detailed comment describing every change, so I'm confident that I can answer any question regarding the new file.

I've run the stylesheet against every existing, locally rendered Hurd webpage and can tell you nothing is broken.

Before filing the issue, I'll work a bit more on the mobile code, since it still feels half-baked.

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