Ugh my brother has his SO over & they're in the next room giggling with these thin walls between us. Like I can't work in these conditions! Jeez.

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@MutoShack play a retarded, boner-killing comedy film just loud enough to remind them that they're not really alone.


I /did/, however, go play some fantasy card games with bro #2 at a cardshop 30 minutes away. We stayed for 3 hours (til 8:30) and drove back. Bro #1's SO was still here.

I also tried taking a 45 minute bathroom break. SO was supposed to leave right after supper at 6! This is... (I'm overreacting here, but) This is....

@MutoShack Try noise-cancelling headphones? They work great against the speech, but not music or power tools unfortunately.
Better yet, grab a laptop and go someplace else, e.g. library or something.

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