This year I'm going to hate things less and instead look at the good side of things.

Lately I've been feeling like everything is horrible, whether or not it's true. I mean, those fries weren't THAT soggy, right?

Happy Gnu/year 🌠

@MutoShack Wait. Where does one get soggy fries? Is this something popular out East?
Ah Easteners. Inscrutable as always.


I personally have never had a complaint about fries, but a lot of people I know like to complain about them, so I guess it was just the most relatable thing I could think of. Maybe it *is* just an eastern thing 🤔

I think fries kind of get floppy when they aren't deep-fried long enough, *or* if they've been sitting out for a while. Particularly fast food fries (don't quote me on this though, I have no idea how fries are made).

Wussified sobvideo, because posting gore without a spoiler is against the rules on my instance.


It's almost crazy to think there are just people sitting in the forest who wait for other people to pass by, just to chop them up.

That's like middle-school-campfire-story level evil!

@mutoshack That wasn't a forest and some people allege that the guys where blown off by the girls.


Oh, sorry. My mind made the "hiking = forests" connection since that's where I usually go hiking. Stupid of me!

Blown off, not blown off, it doesn't make much difference to me. Few things could justify murder, let alone murder by beheading.

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