Random people: "We want a Tutanota desktop client!!"

Tutanota: "Oh okay. Do you mean you want a locally installed webapp that eats memory & storage? Because that's what ur gettin'!"


Moreover, even Tutanota's mobile app, just like Signal's, is "not for tablets".

@amiloradovsky @MutoShack it works fine for iPad so please, send us reports with screenshots if something is off because we didn't have a good chance to test on Android tablets

I'm not sure whether it's because of the old version of Android (4.*), but the Tutanota app is only shown on F-Droid — can't be installed (while on a newer phone it can).
I also observed that the Signal app can be installed on a phone but not a tablet (same old Android version). — Bleh.

@amiloradovsky @MutoShack we don't support Android 4 for technical reasons, sorry! I know that it's likely not possible to update for you but if there's a chance I would recommend trying. Security risk is really big for such an old OS.

You can likely use it in browser though, it's very close to the native app currently (minus notifications, we will fix that eventually).

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