Hello new #Mastodon folks! 🐘

Have you heard of the #Fediverse? 🗺️

It's a set of community projects that use the #ActivityPub standard to talk to each other.

Mastodon is the most well developed, but there are many works in progress too:

Instagram -> PixelFed 📷

YouTube -> PeerTube 🎞️

SoundCloud -> Funkwhale 🎧
@funkwhale join.funkwhale.audio/

MeetUp -> GetTogether 🍻

...and many others.

@switchingsocial @pixelfed @funkwhale @GetTogetherComm GnuSocial has been around for ages and Pleroma is also worth of mention



Agreed! GNUSocial is probably my favourite out of all the microblogging services on ActivityPub (although I'm on Mastodon, I realize how much I miss being able to log in without JS).

Also but that hasn't gotten ActivityPub implemented yet.

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