Construction gives orange a bad rep.


Oh 😅 I don't think so. I was just referring to the *colour* orange!

@MutoShack There used to be a show called the Two Ronnies. The taller one died I suppose.
Here's when they were both a bit younger:
OK, a lot younger.


Oh, right! I didn't recognize him in this video. "Four Candles" is still one of my favourites!

@MutoShack Oh yeah! :-) I didn't remember the sketch until I saw the shop in the opening scene!

@MutoShack Corbett's funeral service, for family and friends, was held on 18 April 2016, at the St John the Evangelist Church near his home in Shirley.[36] In tribute to one of his classic Two Ronnies comedy sketches, four candles were displayed at the back of the altar.
He just cashed in 2 years ago at 85. Not bad.


That's not half bad. I'd be pretty thankful if I make it to 85! I don't think I know many comedians better than the Two Ronnies, but at least we have the archives!

It doesn't matter what the media says - you & I both know the way he went: he fell down a laundry chute!
I'm sure he's in the good place now, though.

@MutoShack Those two guys from australia that did a sketch after the news were pretty good too. I love the tanker disaster one. I've watched it probably every year or so since I first found it.

Clarke and Dawe - The Front Fell Off

My current high score is 58 from just the other day. Frankly I'm a bit surprised.
I haven't really practised that much for it at all. Only tried out for the game just this once really.

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