Since I've been struggling to understand them for quite some time now, I've written an article about Guile-OpenGL. The bindings aren't particularly challenging to figure out, but there are so few articles about them and I haven't uploaded in ages.

@MutoShack article: conection interupted.

Do You know nuclear.?
Library for gui. C and some library sdl2 for example and opengl if You want.


Correct. My hosting expired around a month ago. I'll have the site up again at some later date (going to switch to a cheaper provider).

I have not heard of Nuclear! It looks pretty well-made, but I'm not sure I'll pick it up anytime soon, as I've been doing well with GTK.

hey @MutoShack, do you have any specific hosting requirements for your site? is it static?


There are absolutely no requirements. It's 100% static, rendered as HTML. All I really need is some kind of vhosts directory to plop all my stuff down & let the provider do the rest (I really don't know how web hosting works)

@MutoShack Gotcha. In that case, if you don't need any "fancy" web server features like rewrites and if you have an account on, you could try using GitLab Pages [1] and see how you like it :). It should be fairly easy to set up and they have a examples for various static site generators. You can either store the generated HTML pages in a `public` directory in your repo, or perhaps even better, store the original sources used for building the HTML pages and set up GitLab CI to automatically build and deploy your website from source each time you push the repo. You can find documentation here [2]. They support serving the site on a custom domain including with TLS (e.g. using Let's Encrypt) as well.

I haven't used GitLab Pages in a while but I'd be happy to help if you bump into any issues.

Alternatively, if that doesn't work out, I don't mind creating an account for you on my server that you could use to deploy your site to (e.g. using scp or rsync) if you like 🙂



Huh, I've never heard of that before! I have a Gitlab account, so I'll definitely look into it, thanks!

@MutoShack nuclear using this same engine. gtk windows manager.
dificult using opengl sdl and gtk

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