I wouldn't mind RGB LED traffic lights. That way you can make all three lights change to the correct color (or just have one long light for minimalism)

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@MutoShack the position of the lights is good for color blind drivers, and in general I think signage tries to use at least two preattentive traits (e.g. stop sign using color and shape vs yield sign)


I thought about that. The current light position is intuitive for sure, but I'm sure the single-light method could come up with something just as logical (I don't know how. I don't got the brains for details like that).

Aside from the lights themselves, I wish there was some other indication as to when I should stop. Not a big deal to be honest, but, for example, there are areas in my city where, when the sun gets low, it's almost impossible to determine which light is on!


(Of course, i suppose there is no logical reason to change the current lights other than "to make the city look futuristic"!)

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