If decentralized video sharing services like and allowed for admins and creators to collect ad revenue, then to be honest, I'd be okay with it.

As much as I hate to admit it, I like money. I'm not exceedingly greedy or anything, I just appreciate income sometimes.

The only problem is that advertisers wouldn't me able to profile & track people, but you can create an algorithm that says "look for keywords and advertise accordingly" like does.

Or maybe I lost my mind🤔

@MutoShack You definitely haven't. There's no other way for the Fediverse to succeed. Like it or not, we live in a capitalist system and projects need funding to survive and profit to grow.

@jdormit @MutoShack Nothing prevents you from adding advertising right in the video you are publishing. Just like podcasts producers do. That could be an intermediate solution without needing to change the software. It's also platform independent, so you could still federate that video with whoever wants to host it.

@judeswae @jdormit @MutoShack

"Sponsored by" messages read by the presenter of the video/audio are also 100% resistant to ad-blockers and piracy because it's embedded in the content.

On top of that, old-fashioned pre-internet "We're sponsored by" messages would be a lot more privacy-friendly than the current spying industry that advertising has become.

@MutoShack You skipped the e.g. patreon and crowdsourcing option.
Ads aren't 100% needed.


Donations & sponsorships are great, but if I could get donation money AND sponsors AND advertisement income, I'd do all three (which is what YouTube offers and why big capitalists enjoy YouTube a lot and will continue using it even if decentralized alternatives become a popular competitor)


To be honest, I respect that a whole lot, and I really wish fewer people would use services like YT just to make cash. Agree. Two pillars of the fediverse are its diversity and freedom and while we don't plan any ads, every instance is free to do whatever they figure works best! :) "80% of success is showing up." Woody Allen. Like it or no, money is a good metric for tracking. As is showing a return on investment. You're onto something with this conception. Perhaps all that is left is showing up? I think so. Working out a detail or two extra wouldn't hurt.

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