I just found out that the new tower in Edmonton, the tallest in western Canada, is 69-storeys high.

Nice. 👌

@MutoShack I noticed your post specified 'western', so I had to look up the rest.


Well, we can't really compete with what Toronto has, so besides them we have the tallest building in Canada 😅

@MutoShack Well, the biggest thing we have is we:
are NOT toronto!
that's the most important thing :-)

Really, that's not really fair to toronto (other than they seem quite full of themselves generally).
Because I don't like cities in general.
I haven't checked out any asian cities or any really southern cities in the world though.
I won't type a list, but I can rule this hemisphere out for sure. I'm not a 'city guy'. I like the little village I live in.


Yeah, small towns are really nice, and although it pains me to say it, I'm a city boy myself. I'm too spoiled to not have everything a few minutes away 😅 (although, I think Toronto would be a bit *too* big for my lifestyle but I'll try my best not to judge them, as I've never been there)

@MutoShack I was brought up in very small towns until the age of 12 then lived in vancouver for a couple of years. I agreed with you and wanted to be near everything and any attractions or excitement. Then i was moved away to a small town in the north.
By the time I got back I was working f/t as a tech in my late teens. Just hated it. Hated the traffic, the rude behaviour, the filth, the crime, metro cops (worse than rcmp), the noise... I will qualify 'rude' in another post.

So the 'rude' part about city folk.

The first one you 'run in to' is when driving. No one takes turns, no one lets you in. They are all bastards. They don't realize how this is what is causing most of their congestion. It's not only nice its math. Just zipper for fucks sake!

The second one is on the sidewalks. In a small town you are used to few ppl being on the same sidewalk as you. You say good morning to strangers. You at least nod or say hey. To *everyone* Too many ppl in city

@gemlog @MutoShack James May of Top Gear fame did an experiment in "driving like a Good Christian" to work, vs. driving normally. He found that with the halo on, he got to work earlier. Sort of reminiscent of Jackie Stewart winning races by going the slowest.

Where cities are expanding, however, traffic is miserable. What was a 15 minute jaunt is now an hour of reading bumperstickers, constant construction and roadwork -- it's like Facebag: a situation contrived to see people at their worst.

@jeremiah @MutoShack
Intersting j! I simply get frustrated and park and get mass transit. I rarely go down there anyhow, but vancouver bc has AMAZING mass transit - I don't know why anyone drives. Vancouver and LA trade places for being the worst congested places year on year. I haven't looked lately actually...
Yay! it's fallen to fourth. Good job yvr, good dog.

@gemlog @MutoShack I used to take the bus, but then the bus became crowded by unpleasant people.

The problem in most places is planning: either planning for cars to the exclusion of walkable neighborhoods (increasing traffic); the biggest planning thing to get right is not to disincentivize automobiles, but to incentivize living in one's neighborhood. That takes planning, zoning... consideration. skill. long-term thinking... so we're doomed. :-)

@jeremiah @MutoShack
"I used to take the bus, but then the bus became crowded by unpleasant people."
It seems very unlikely that hoards of unpleasant ppl suddenly banded together in a conspiracy to ride your bus routes at your travel times. Or that all the bus riders in your city suddenly became unpleasant.

@gemlog @MutoShack It didn't happen at once; it reflects downward demographic changes.The consequences include vulgar language, general rudeness, notable odor, and hostility.

I'm unapologetically a snob like that: i expect people to be minimally civil and not smell like burning tires when they take a seat next to me. Not having lice would be nice, too. The bus company cannot reasonably be expected to address these problems (they could add delousing to the boarding process...) so I drive/walk.

@jeremiah @MutoShack
:-) ahh. I knew you'd give me an argument vs accepting you are turning into a 'get off my lawn' old guy :-)
I used our 'city' (town of 10k ppl) buses daily for 6 mos two years ago. Publicly funded, mostly empty all day ~1.50usd. No lice. Anyone acts badly gets thrown out - i imagine - i didn't encounter any poor behaviour. In fact I began to recognize the regulars and everyone seemed to help each other like with their packages and kids and stuff.

@gemlog @MutoShack In the 1990s, the local bus was great. Bike racks on the front, accessible transport, good coverage.

Today, they're not funded to keep up with the city, and increasingly serve the people in ghettos far from work/non-convenience-store shopping.

The campus system is still nice enough, but the city system... in some cases, it's a mobile homeless shelter. People bother you for money _on the bus,_ and get hostile/shitty when you don't make with the gibs.

@jeremiah @MutoShack
ours all have bike racks on the front and flip-up spots for wheelchairs in the forward area.
We have (guessing) about 3 dozen street ppl. It's all alcohol They don't ride the bus. Yes, a few smell even tho free showers are available. I know about half their names. Only new ones panhandle me. Older ones know i volunteer when i can with mickyd or change for booze (well, what did you think I was going to do with it?!)
My girl hands out feminine stuff and toques etc. I adore her

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