Apple: "Our new iPhone is the best iPhone yet!"

And I'm just here like shit it better be! Why would you make a phone that's *worse* than the old one?


Ouch! GNOME 3.0 was such a weird idea. I think they decided to change to a more "MacOS" approach where things are simpler for non-technical users, but the hit on the performance was awful!

I've heard that GNOME 3.30 fixed a few issues, but it still needs a lot of help!

@MutoShack there seems to be a thinking that simple interfaces makes computers easier to use. I'm not sure this is correct.


Computers are a tool, and I feel it's important to read manuals in order to understand the software I installed, but if I'm in someone else's home and they ask me to do something on their Windows PC, I have no clue how the Windows console works so I'm very grateful to have a simple, moron-proof GUI to help me out.

However, I can agree with you that GNOME takes things to the extreme!

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