@MutoShack When I was 20 I felt dirty reading ayn rand -- and I was raised an atheist and still was a happy little atheist.
IMO, she's a selfish, amoral... other nasty things... person.
Actually, she even wrote on the 'virtues of selfishness', so she agrees with me.

@gemlog @MutoShack She also makes a few useful points, as much as she and her characters (and stories) were caricatures.

The Ayn Rand quote that sticks with me is: "The smallest minority is the individual" -- which, in my mind, is the ultimate answer to identity / grievance politics, as well as to consideration of the individual relative to the power that can be brought to bear against the same.

She also agrees with Marx in that the revolution is built by frustrated creatives, not the proles.

@jeremiah @MutoShack

I don't think there has ever been anyone who was 100% wrong.

Not 100%.

@gemlog @MutoShack If you don't believe someone can be 100% wrong, all the time, about everything, I'd like to introduce you to my cousin Joshua.

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