Aaaah... I have that feeling now.

That feeling when you order something you know you'll love, but it was expensive and you're trying to rationalize buying it because you can't bring yourself to cancel the order (i.e. my birthday is in a week so it'll be a present to myself)

And now I need a job more than ever because money is hard to come by without one!

At least my parents understand that the economy sucks.Even if I had a job minimum wage isn't enough to get by here in Canada(or so they say)


That's hilarious and pretty spot on! Thanks 😄

@MutoShack you can program... Is it so hard to find a job in Canada?


I think it is. Someone sent me a statistic mentioning that Canada's unemployment rates are the lowest they've been all year (maybe that's changed recently).

I have sent quite a few resumes out to the local software studios but never got any calls back. Right now I'm lowering the bar to *any* job - Cafe worker, janitor, Mail man, etc..

Out of every place I applied to, I only got one call back and it was to an obvious pyramid scheme.

@MutoShack Even a min wage job will give you more than you have now, you can give some rent etc. at home and network at work.
I noticed in my daughter's coffee shop that everyone knows so-and-so is looking for an electrical apprenticeship or someone has a redseal in xyz and needs their first job. Not just other employees, but the customers are networkable too, of course.

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