I still think about this time when I was a kid and I was like "I didn't really enjoy the Iliad that much..." and some /other/ kid tells me "well that's too bad because the Iliad is objectively an amazing book!"

And it got me thinking...

Is *The Iliad* on **anyone's** "Top 10 favourite books" list? I mean really! I'm sure people in 1194 BC found it boring, too!

@MutoShack It was basically the cornerstone of ancient Greek intellectual culture. But it’s probably safe to say that not everyone finds their culture’s cornerstones interesting.

I think the Iliad’s a great book, but the constant brutal warfare makes it a much harder read than the Odyssey.


Yeah, I guess I just have a negative relationship with the Iliad because 13 year old me had a very poorly translated version and couldn't understand it much (if at all).

I'm sure if I got back to it now it wouldn't be as dreadful as I remember it being! Of course, I don't see myself reading it at any time in the immediate future 😅

The Odyssey was alright, but Nintendo tells it way better 😉

@MutoShack There are indeed a lot of bad translations of Homer. And 24-chapter epic poems are not exactly something people living today are prepared to find exciting.

@MutoShack man, that is me. I just talked about it this morning. I read a comic book version of it. Then I read the real thing. I used to make flip animations of some key parts of the story. The older I get, the more I appreciate a number of episodes.

@MutoShack The bigger episodes is Achilles being angry and losing his friend. Then his hunting down Hector to exact revenge. It has many moving passages. Growing up I liked the Odyssey more, but it is the Iliad that I find more moving today.


Well, you convinced me, I'll add the Iliad to my "To-read-again-someday" list and give it one more shot!

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