Simply by chance I found this place.

My entire life I have had a memory from this place, standing by these trees, but I always thought "It must be from a dream, or even a vision of an afterlife, but this cannot be a place on Earth"

I asked my dad & he assured me he took me here when I was 4. You have no idea how much this means to me - I've been searching my entire life in hopes of finding this place again. It's just as calming & meditational now as it was then.

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Thanks, I hope someday everyone can reach a similar emotional high. It's just nice to know I can drive down to this place and hang out here whenever I have time!

@MutoShack that's wonderful :)
would you mind sharing where this place is?

my mom has one of these places too, and she absolutely loves it when we drive by it once every couple of months

@MutoShack Those photos look so peaceful and calm. It warms my heart to read that you rediscovered the location.


Thanks, it's pretty crazy down there - since it's in the middle of nowhere next to a not-so-busy highway, there's almost an inhuman level of stillness (or so is the case for me, since I live in a big city, I'm not used to quiet places)

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