In I want to add some extra WM's to my login screen, how exactly do I edit my current config (I mean where is it, or can I generate a new one, or do I need to write my own new file)?

@MutoShack Every time I think I know what Guix is, I see posts like this and I'm cunfused agin.

Does Guix have a login manager? Also, a WM (windows manager?) in a login manager? And what does this have to do with your package system?

@loke @MutoShack

i'm not the most knowledgeable, but as far as i understand, Guix is the package manager, and GuixSD (Guix System Distribution) is GNU/Linux distro that uses Guix as its package manager (instead of e.g. apt or pacman). and like other package managers, Guix also has packages for various pieces of different desktop environments / window managers, so you wouldn't have to resort to some other package manager for those packages.

i believe Muto is asking whether they can have multiple window managers listed on the login screen of their GuixSD installation.

@MutoShack what's your current setup? are you using a DE (like GNOME) on GuixSD? do you know what display manager you're currently using?


Yes, I have both GNOME & Xfce. I can switch between them with F1 on the login screen (SLiM DM). I'm just confused as to how I can add more WM's to the "choose a WM" section of the login screen.

@MutoShack right.

i haven't installed GuixSD yet, but slim-service-type seems relevant:

basically, SLiM looks for *.desktop files in /run/current-system/profile/share/xsessions for each window manager. gnu/packages/wm.scm from the source tree contains some examples of creating desktop session files. the definition for xmonad contains one:

see the (modify-phases %standard-phases bit on line 477


Aminb did a good job explaining it. Guix is a package manager & GuixSD is the distro.

GuixSD uses the SLiM display manager by default (as Catonano pointed out). The problem is that, since Guix as a package manager installs programs in a per-user basis, the distro has a unique way of adding WM's to the "choose a WM" area of the login screen (I think)

@MutoShack @loke I think part of the confusion is also "what does the configuration have to do with it"

GuixSD (the distro) also completely and deterministically manages your "system configuration" for you. You write out a system configuration file and it generates all the /etc/ config files, installs the "core" packages of your system, the core system daemons, etc.


generally, login managers require a service to be run

And as far as I understand, there is only a service for SLIM available right now

The best route I see is copying the SLIM service, paste it and then edit the pasted version to tweak it until it manages to run a different login manager

You should do all the tests in a virtual machine


as for windows managers, they also need a service, but not all of them

Some just need to be available as packages in the system profile.

That'e enough to make them appear as options in the SLIM drop down list (or whatever)


there are a couple of desktop envs already packaged, they only need a login manager able to launch them

Right now I'm having troubles with the virtual machines (nothing works ever) but should I solve this, I'd be glad to coordinate an attempt to create a service for a new login manager (it's already packaged, I just don't remember its name, it's the one used in Ubuntu)

@keverets @MutoShack

recently I had an altercation with the guix people about the user hostility in some guile/guix aspects

But in this case, I'd say there's no hostility at all

Developing new system services is not meant for users

It's for developers

Once the new system service is in place, users can just use it almost blindly

@keverets @MutoShack

admittedly the guix core dev team people don't use desktop environments, so the support is... not entirely fulfilling

But the standard answer, in this case, is: step in and fix it yourself

On the inadequacy of this standard answer, there are tons of things to say.

But it is what it is. Guix is not more hostile than any other free software projects

If anything, it's less hostile than some other free software projects

In fact it's the only project I ever contributed to

@catonano @mutoshack @keverets Don't use software that the devs themselves do not use. Microsoft's Visual Studio was good relative to the Office Suite (at least in the early 2000s) probably because their devs actually use Visual Studio, but didn't use Office. #SkinInTheGame

@js290 @MutoShack @keverets

yes, in fact the Gnome desktop experience on GuixSD is frustrating

This is one of the reasons why I moved to Fedora again

But again, the Guix team is small

The only immediate way forward I see is trying to fix things yourself

If you're not willing to, I completely understand

@catonano @MutoShack @keverets I'd say a small number of us use deskop environments. I added and use a good number of WMs and DMs, but sometimes the devil is in the detail and hard to fix in your free time.

Admittedly I'm not catching all the problems because I fell into the Tiling WMs pot over 15 years ago.

What some of you wrote in this thread I see as a bug report - it seems not to be very clear to newcomers how different kinds of WMs and DMs will be picked up (installed) by the system.


Maybe so, but at least it turns out that SLiM looks at ~/.xsession files as well, which is good enough for me!

(thanks, @aminb for the manual page link!)

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