I don't like YouTube much, but I **really** don't like the "recommended videos" sidebar!

And I ****REALLY**** don't like the "BRIGHT_SIDE" channel it keeps trying to get me to watch! I hate these titles, thumbnails, and especially the view count (all of their videos are like this)😭

@MutoShack stay logged out and use a private window to view YouTube. You can get different stupid recommendations this way!


Yeah, that usually just gets me "Top 10 _____ you won't BELIEVE exist!" with a half-naked anime girl in the thumbnail (and of course, random red arrows & circles) 🤔

@MutoShack I'd like something that searches for variations of the phrase, "Top 10 *" "13 * you won't believe" etc. and simply replace the containing DIV with a picture of Fred Rogers.


Yes, I think we need this 👍

"Top 10 ancient underwater discoveries made this year"

@MutoShack Maybe a rotating cache of Fred pictures, scenes from his show.

Picture Alex from Clockwork Orange with the eye-props -- being forced to watch Mister Rogers Neighborhood reruns.

This would be life under my dictatorship. :-)

@jeremiah @MutoShack
#1 you need to install an adblocker(s)
#2 you need to install stuff like privacy badger and friends
#3 set your browser to delete cookies on every reset -- and restart it at least a few times a day

more, but that's bare minimum

It's a war between you and corporations and you need to recognize it as such. You aren't even fighting back, if you are a typical web-user.

Normal person with a cell phone and a home internet connection? They OWN your ass. Everywhere you go.

@gemlog @MutoShack I have a ublock and cookieautodelete (whitelists, blacklists), thanks.

Privacy Badger protects privacy, but is friendly to "compliant" advertisers. Not a fan, nor of Ghostery or similar MITM pseudo adblockers.

@jeremiah @MutoShack I run them all and take them out of default configurations.
also I like to eff with them and send random client strings for what browser I'm using.
Or proxy thru accounts in germany or italy.
Of course, i'm an insignificant person and these are wasted measures for the most part: i'm nearly useless as an ad target.

@gemlog @jeremiah

Well of course I have adblockers, Privacy Badger, and HTTPS Everywhere.

I don't delete my cookies often - there comes a point of privacy vs convenience and I just kind of enjoy being able to log onto Mastodon without having to enter my password every time.

I mean, I can select YouTube as a cookie blacklist, but even if I'm not logged in it still gives me "Bright_side". I think it just expects everyone to love bright_side.

@MutoShack @gemlog CookieAutoDelete is a manager. You can whitelist sites to preserve cookies from, blacklist sites to reject all cookies from, and everything else is dead at the end of use. Replacing "delete all cookies" shotgun with something a bit more fine grained -- best of both worlds.

@jeremiah @MutoShack sound very similar to the default behaviour of mozilla. one step less tho.


Yeahh that's the one! I used to have cookie-autodelete but I forgot the name a while ago.


Yeah ff fills all the forms out automatically, it's true that it's not onerous but for some reason it *feels* like it is! My brain just says "Agh, we have to /log in/?" 😅

I'll try and make it a habit to delete my cookies eventually though, thanks 👍

@MutoShack @jeremiah ff will still save e.g. youtube and masto passwords even after you set it to delete the Cookies.
you simply have to log in again, with the fields already filled in.
It is not very onerous.

@MutoShack Well, actually you don't have to use youtube.

You can use or the app FreeTube (or NewPipe on the phone). There is as well. Unfortunately hooktube is useless by now.

@MutoShack Bright Side is so bad. They create content when there is nothing to say. No interesting delivery, insight, or information.

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