Hey, @gemlog , I just remembered you live in BC.

The smoke gets pretty bad over here, I can't imagine how it gets when you're so close to all these forest fires!

Just hope you're doing alright, is all 😅 🔥 🌲 🔥

@MutoShack Thanks. My area is pretty good most years. I was IT guy for a forestry firm for many years and went out and 'kicked trees' a few times for sport. Had to evacuate before, but nowhere around here -- all down south (which vancouverites think of as 'way up north' ;-) Like kamloops or quesnel. My 'way up north' is like fairbanks, whitehorse or nunavut ;-) just starting our warmest month though...

@MutoShack I just thought, since you wrote that from Ontario, they must be really playing it up on the television or radio? I can't even smell any smoke. Your post was my first news that fire season had gotten going! :-)
Going by the interactive map, it does indeed look like there are some 'extra' fires this year so far, but none near me.


Alberta, actually! I haven't heard much in the news about it (I usually don't follow the news, maybe I should), but whenever I say "Jeez, it's pretty smokie out!" Someone would reply "Yeah, those BC fires are pretty crazy!"

I'd like to visit Yellowknife or other northern provinces, but then I think to myself "Total population of the bottom half of Canada - 35 million; Top half of Canada - Two dozen people", surely I'd be bored out of my mind up there 😅


Also that live fire map thing is pretty neat! I wouldn't have thought about something like that, BC is smart!

@MutoShack 2 dozen is actually pretty close!

Now, Alberta did have its own 'interesting' fire a bit ago

You guys have the same kind of thing:

You know what's cool? Ontario's electricity generation maps. lots of them. BC has nothing like them.

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