How do people fall for those "eSports gaming" marketed products? Seriously what's the difference between those & other high-end material?!

Wait what's that? eSport athletes recommend THAT mousepad? [pulls out credit card] and it's only $30 on sale you say?

@MutoShack I have no idea where to even see them! Lucky for me i guess.


I see ads all the time on the Internet & in local computer part shops.

I guess you can kind of justify the price and marketing - Really only people dedicated to fast-paced gaming would care about mouse DPI or customizable keyboard LEDs

Some brands even sponsor gaming tournaments (Razer, Corsair, Steelseries & Turtle Beach to name a few)

I just have a love-hate relationship with 'gaming' labelled products because I feel like they're over-hyped & not as great as they're made out to be

@MutoShack One day I came back to the shop and there was pc sitting on the service counter. Huge over-sized case, fans, death metal looking, lots of leds... No one remembered who brought it in. Later a 20y.o. woman comes in to ask about it. I said I had not expected a woman - I thought it was some guy over compensating! She laughed and laughed. Then told me it was her husbands' ...

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