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Muto/Hurd🌷 @MutoShack

A weekend project. 👍

Painted the home office/studio a weird green. We both agreed that "it /looks/ like it /should/ be an ugly colour, but somehow it's nice". "forest-y" is the vibe I'm getting. 🌲

Still need to touch up a few bits but so far I think it's

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@MutoShack I like it!
I had a house once with cedar siding and i was deciding between fire engine red roofing and that green colour.
i put on the red. it was ok together, but I chose wrong.


Oh that's nice! The building in the photo reminds me of the kind of home I would see somewhere in the Canadian rockies!

The brown is a really nice contrast. Maybe someday in the future I'll paint the trim in the room a shade of brown! (But that's a project for another day, of course!)

@MutoShack I said it was an *example*, not my old house!
But really even the bright red metal roofing worked with the red cedar siding, but that green would have been better.



I like your new username, too, Abbie Normal! 😉

Looks like the residence of an african dictator. 😉