The joysticks on my controllers are getting loose & unresponsive, so I ordered some -style replacement sticks for cheap from Mortoff Games. I cannot wait to try them out! (the only other option is to literally make my own plastic & pour it in the joystick bowl-thingy, but I really like the idea of a Gamecube-style stick.)

@MutoShack the n64 controllers were build to break... so sad...


Absolutely! Competitors like Dreamcast & PlayStation used the "Stick-on-a-ball" technology while Nintendo went with the "Stick-scratches-against-plastic-bowl" technology. Definitely not made to last!

Of course, I scored a couple of near-new N64 controllers for cheap one day, so I took them apart & gave 'em some lithium grease right away. I really hope it helps with maintaining longevity 🤔

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