Indiana Jones & the Temple of the Crystal Skull.

That's the *new* movie, right? The one that *just* came out?


It's 10 years old now...? 🤔


I did (I think), but it was a little boring... The ending felt like an episode of the X Files 👌


I think it is, but I can't remember a lot of details about it.

@MutoShack Indiana Jones & the Temple of the Crystal Skull = 💩

this is the truth.


I don't remember watching it, but I guess I don't really remember any particular crap I took 10 years ago either so yeah I guess it's the truth.

@MutoShack it's really hard describe and talk about this film without spoiler.🤔

Take a deep breath, this is going to get complicated: this film is like a **BIG** pile of shit.💩


It would have worked better in a comedy movie, but I still like the fridge scene 😂 💥

Now, if the *entire* film was Indiana going "Alright, I'm going to do it! I'm going to hide in the fridge!" /then/ it would be comparable to "Jumping the Shark"!

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