It's getting harder & harder to find film for my camera at a decent price... Digital photography is looking more & more attractive every day 🤔

@MutoShack Digital photography reached the limits of the film photography long ago (20+ MP resolution, color depth, etc.), plus there are more options to play with, e.g. the ISO. — Go for it. If you can afford a decent DSLR camera.


For sure! I'm not sure if I'll go with a full body DSLR, in fact I think compact cameras suit my needs a lot more. Most modern compact cameras w/ interchangeable lenses seem to have better quality photos than my film anyway, not that quality ever really mattered a lot to me, I just found that getting stuff developed really gets expensive - fast! 😅

@MutoShack I read the other day that kodak was going to start making a kind of film again. I'll look for you.

Kodak shows off the first test photos shot on its new Ektachrome film

Five years after ditching its Ektachrome 100 film, Kodak is making final preparations for its relaunch.


Woah, nuts! I hope my local Wal-Mart can stock up on this stuff! I still might end up grabbing a digital camera just for street photography (the Canon 35mm I have is a monster that I don't often lug around with me 😅 )

@MutoShack :-)
I just happened to read that a few days ago and then you randomly needed the info today.
Funny old thing is life.

@MutoShack Why walmart? It's like the evil google of retailers in general.

@MutoShack Actually, there are a few contenders for that crown.


I really don't know of many other places that carry film. I'm no fan of Walmart either but ordering film online feels like a bit of a pain.

@MutoShack Amazon is not angel either. I didn't mean to imply that.
No camera shop in your town then I guess. There used to be such things :-( No more. Lots of specialty shops gone.


I *do* have a London Drugs in the mall by my place, but they're a little more expensive for film. There's also a McBain place there but I never checked for film, maybe I should.

@MutoShack I was thinking a leetle bit more ma and pa than London Drugs! :-)
Those are the small one-off shops that have disappeared in my lifetime. Just not yours I guess.


Ah yeah, the closest independently run camera shop I know of is in Banff (just a hop, skip & a 6 hour drive away), but it's been a while since I was downtown in my city, maybe someone opened something up since last time I was there 🤔

@MutoShack Banff is just a snappy 14.5 hr drive south-ish for me, if I dont' need to eat or drink. ;-) or stop for fuel.


Well, that's *one* way to work up an appetite for all the candy stores over there! 🙌

@MutoShack We just live in the 2nd largest country in the world with... hardly any people! :-)

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